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smol farm

welcome to smol farm!

lesbian-owned farm & digital studio

featured projects

Yo Kittiesgmeowning! We're currently minting YO KITTIES NFTs with Iron Chef Cat Cora. Part of the proceeds are being donated to both Ukraine and small farmers in need. We've already donated thousands of dollars worth of ETH! Be sure to check them out!
MoonduckThe first official derivative of Dastardly Ducks is here. Anyone who held an original Dastardly Duck before May 15th can claim one for free! Each is randomly generated from pixel art assets from the original artist of the ducks, fumeiji.

who we are

We are just two women sharing responsibilities, each doing a bit of everything but having our respective strengths! This started with literal duck eggs but has grown to include so much more.



design lead





tech lead


twitter | github

our specialties

We build our own things in our areas of focus but are open to collaboration and consultation in these areas:

  • app & game development
  • digital design & illustration
  • NFTs, web3, & blockchains
  • egg farming & regenerative agriculture
  • LGBTQ+ and women's issues
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